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The Black Orifice Guild Ball UK Masters Weekend

9th-10th Jul 2016, £12.50 (Open only), Sanctuary Gaming Centre, nr Nottingham

I am really excited to announce the first Guild Ball Masters event based on the Black Orifice rankings.

This is two tournaments held over the weekend of the 9th and 10th of July at The Sanctuary - a good central location to make the tournament a national event.

  • The Saturday will be a standard 32 player event, with tickets available from 12 noon on Friday 1st April, for £12.50 per person (lunch not included).
  • The Sunday will be a free invitational 16 player event. Invites will go out to the top players from the rankings, with one spot reserved for the winner of the Masters Open.

Download the rulespack here

The Masters Open

The Masters Open is a 32 player guild ball event, open to anyone. A standard (hopefully sanctioned) guild ball tournament that follows the organised play pack. At the Sanctuary in Nottingham it's hopefully a reasonable travel for lots of people to get to from North and South alike. It has the additional first place prize of a free ticket to the Invitational on the Sunday, but is otherwise a typical Guild Ball tournament.

The Masters Invitational

On the 31st May, a snapshot of the Black Orifice rankings will be taken. All invites will be based on the table at this point. (Any historical events for dates before this date, but that are added after this date will not be included.)

The first phase will be to offer invites for the eight "Guild Masters," to the UK players ranked highest in each individual guild. Accepting an invite as a "Guild Master" means that you must play that guild at the event. If these invites are declined, they will be offered to the next highest ranked UK player in the same guild (and so on), provided that player is also within the top 50 overall UK ranked players. If a Guild Master slot cannot be filled, an extra Overall slot will be added to the next phase of invites. Note that the Hunters guild will not be included in the Guild Master invites this year.

The second phase will see invites going out to the highest ranked overall UK players who have not already accepted an invite. There will be at least seven such invites available, but more may be added if Guild Master slots cannot be filled for all guilds.

One slot at the tournament will also be reserved for the highest placed player at the Open tournament on Saturday the 9th July whi does not already have an invite. If not all 16 places at the Masters Invitational have been filled, additional places may be made up from the highest ranked players at the Masters Open.

Live First Round Draw

  • It is the intention to have a live draw broadcast with the help of Guild Ball Informer for the first round of the event.
  • Players will be seeded into 4 pools for the draw based on their overall ranking position.
  • Matches will be drawn from payers in each of these pools, matching up players in pool 1 against players from pool 4, and players from pool 2 against players from pool 3.
  • Matches then progress as per a normal Swiss Pairings tournament.