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Dungeon Slam
Dungeon Slam Cover

Pariya summoned her magic. Something was about to happen, something unpleasant.

A bend in the tunnel up ahead of her loomed ominously, the dull glow of magelight creeping menacingly around the corner. Every so often the light flickered. There was something lurking, ready to pounce.

"Tevar," she whispered into her message bead, "do you have eyes on the north east from your position? I think I've got something here."

"Sorry," Tevar's guttural voice came back, "This passage way has bent west. Looks like its heading towards the arena. You want to hold position until we can reach you?"

"No. You press on. We've still to uncover the chest for this sector, so it might be onto the last two clues."

"Pressing on, then," Tevar shot back.

Magic rod in hand, magical energy cracking for release, Pariya turned the corner to face what was lurking in the shadows.

A blinding flash burst before her the moment she turned the corner, slamming her back into the tunnel wall.

Normally, Pariya was quick to retaliate — it was kind of her trademark — but the flash had left her unable to locate the target. Only the creature couldn't help but gloat, and that was all she needed to identify her target. The goblin shaman's manaiacal laughter was cut short as Pariya brandished her rod and summoned a powerful blast of eldritch energy at the creature.

Pariya blinked her eyes to clear the effects of the goblin's spell and survey the scene before her. The tunnel has opened out into a small cavern, with a raised area at the far end. A smoking corpse that was once the goblin shaman was now draped over an ebony casket.

Pariya's heart leapt. This really was a turn out for the books. There was a bounty for the shaman, and she knew what would be in the casket: it was always the same. Why the Wizards had seen fit to let a pretty pathetic chump like a goblin shaman guard the ebony casket she would never know, but it was a lucky find, for sure. The ebony casket always contained the largest stash of coins — worth three gold of the twelve they needed to win out the day. With the shaman that put them a third of the way there after the first sector.

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Dungeon Slam is a competitive dungeon-crawl miniatures board game designed by the Black Orifice's Ben Redmond. In a fantasy world where mass entertainment is broadcast by the Wizarding Council across a network of magical mirrors, Dungeon Slam has become the realm's leading spectator sport. Parties of adventurers clash with monsters and each other as they race to face the Boss fight in the final arena.

To play Dungeon Slam you will need a set of map tiles; adventurer, upgrade and encounter cards; and a collection of meniatures to represent your adventuring party and the monsters you will face. The cards and tiles will be available in download to print-at-home and print-on-demand, and for miniatures you can use whatever 30mm scale (or there abouts) fantasy miniatures take your fancy.

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